…announcing exeblog

This is my new blog, and main place of blogging for the moment.

I have set it up for several reasons,

Firstly I wanted somewhere that was more specific to Exeter and the experiences within the city I call home.

Secondly I wanted to distance myself from the “Christian” tag the Wibsite has. It is no longer a tag that describes me correctly, although many of my roots lie there. I am not removing myself from the wib-community though, as I have a good many friends here!

Thirdly I wanted to join the “mainstream” of bloggers, and have a blog that turns up in blog searches and has a flexible template so I can use the blog in different ways in the future.

So please visit, and no doubt I will be back here soon!

2 thoughts on “exeblog…

  1. exeblog looks good 🙂 Hope it’s all you want from a blog.

    We’re not offended really. Oh no. (note to self: no flapjack for Neil at Greenbelt).

  2. Exeblog has already given me ideas of things to look out for when I visit Exeter. I like all the photos.

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