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…I no longer ache from the run, but it took a few days before I could get down stairs properly!

Seen a few films in the last few weeks, watched Happy-Go-Lucky last weekend, I thought I was not going to like it, the trailers were very annoying, but in fact I really liked it, and not wanting to sound too much like a newspaper review but it was “Life affirming”… Have also watched Sleeper</b<. the Woody Allan film, which was mildly amusing, also one afternoon I watched The Sting, the old Paul Newman and Robert Redford film, which is really good and I bought Brick on DVD (one of my favourite films ever) and watched the directors commentary.

Have also played poker at the City Gate a few times since the last update here, first out one week but last week I was second, which gives me one win and one second place now.

Today we are off to see Otters and Butterflies…

5 days at work, 2 days off…

…I know this may not sound that exciting, but is quite rare for me!

Another fun week, we went over to Nick and Sarahs on Sunday for a meal and Wii, poker in the pub again on Monday (I did awfully), we watched Elizabethtown which I quite liked (really liked the soundtrack), and Be Kind Rewind at the cinema yesterday (quite fun but nothing special). I have also started reading The Zahir by Paulo Coelho, sometimes his “spiritual” elements to his stories distract from the interesting characters and how they relate to each other, but so far he has avoided that in this book.

Last night I watched Black Snake Moan. A plot where Samuel L Jackson ties a you woman to a radiator with a chain may not sound a promising plot, but actually it is quite a good film.

Today I am looking forward to the Grand Prix, and seeing if Renault and Alonso are finally back on form, or if it was a one off qualifying fluke.

Forgotton film…

. I forgot that we went to see Shine A Light on Tuesday, although it was a very well put together piece, and the Digital HD projection was fantastic it did make me realise that I don’t really like the Rolling Stones music that much, and as the film is essentially a concert then there was not much I could get out of it.

We have just got back from seeing a preview screening of Persepolis. Stylistically it is a joy to look at, the story took me a while to get into, but when I finally did then I really enjoyed it. It based on the memiors of an Iranian woman now living in France, and her story is told through animated memories. The film has a dark feel with much being in only shades of grey, and a fairly bleak outlook on life!